welcome to STEMdroid Maker Shed

At STEMDROID, we thrive towards transforming the way learning takes place in the class by providing the best digital and physical resources for hands-on and creative learning experiences which would Inspire and Develop the Builders of Tomorrow. It is an initiative taken by our team ,wherein we offer workspace and classes in a blended learning environment to show students how scientific methodologies can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students computational thinking and focuses on the real world applications of problem solving using STEM methodologies.


Scientific Method


We offer space, equipment and consultation to realize your ideas.

Work and have fun

The Maker shed provides you the right environment and gear to realize your ideas. The staff provides guidance in using the gear as needed.The Maker shed also organizes STEM and Robotics courses and workshops. STEMdroid also has software and accessories. We have, for example:

Lego Gear for experimenting with simple, motorized and Pneumatic machines

Lego EV3 Gear for experimenting with Robotics

Raspberry Pi for experimenting with Physical Computing

Arduino for experimenting with micro controllers

and many more...

More about us
Space for Work

A free moment between business meetings and nowhere to put down the laptop? The maker shed is a peaceful area for working alone or in group.


A competition coming up and need a place to prep in peace? At STEMdroid, there is study and work space for various competitions.

What We Offer

Collaborate and Make

At STEMdroid Maker Shed you could bring your ideas to fruition using the various kinds of gear available.